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I’ve had numerous sports related injuries throughout my life and I’ve seen several doctors who did procedures on me but I was never the same. I couldn’t run, jump or lift weights anymore, that was until I met the Dr. a few years ago. After a couple of treatments from him I was back to my old self again. So before you think you need surgery please consult with the Dr!

Kendall Walker


I came to Dr. Stoxen’s office unable to fully extend my left arm. This was a major problem for me since I am a professional boxer and could not train with this restriction. After our first counseltation, he explained to me that I had built up inflammation ranging from my neck all the way through my left arm. He assured me that he could fix this issue with hours of his famous deep tissue treatment. I was happy to hear this considering my next fight was a few months away.

I attended Dr. Stoxen’s office every day for 2-3 weeks. He would spend hours each day treating me with his own hands. This was a surprise to me since my insurance only covered 45 minutes of therapy. Even though this was the case, Dr. Stoxen was determined to rid me of my pain and get me functioning at 100% again. This told me that this man does not work for the money. He works to make his patients feel better and miraculously, my elbow was back to full health and strength in just 2 weeks.

My journey at Team Doctors doesn’t end there. After my elbow was healed, Dr. Stoxen continued to support me by teaching me the proper form and technique for training with weight machines and drills. His famous abdominal and neck training routines significantly increased my ability to perform at a higher level in the boxing ring.

I am very grateful for Dr. Stoxen. He treats everyone in his facility like family and wants his clients to live a life rid of nagging injuries. He is truly a great person who tends to always put others before himself. His work and accolades speak for itself.

Not only does Dr. Stoxen heal patients, he’s also a best selling author! I don’t know where he found the time to write a book that is a best seller in more than 6 countries. Make sure you check out his book, The Human Spring Approach to Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. You won’t regret it.

Joshuah Hernandez


Worlds greatest Doc! Positive healing for many years, highly recommends Dr.Stoxen…Recently Dr.Stoxen helped me tremendously with my shoulder, adjusted my ribs, relieved my pain, my blood pressure reduced. Thank you so very much!!

dolly frankum


I got something called Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS) in June of 2017. I was living in LA and got TOS following a sports injury. I’d had it for almost a year and a half before I encountered Dr. Stoxen. I found Dr. Stoxen in November 2018 when I was looking all over the internet for experts on TOS. I randomly put a search into twitter one afternoon and image results of Dr. Stoxen lecturing at a podium came up. He was lecturing at a medical conference in Edinburgh. I was able to find a copy of some of his prior lecture slides on TOS and started reading through them. They were way more detailed and comprehensive than anything I had seen on the subject,

I’d been to something like 5-10 doctors before reading these slides. Once I read them I realized that very few of the doctors had known what they were talking about. Very few of them understood the condition, even fewer of them had seen the condition, and none of them had successfully treated it. Thankfully, the surgeon I went to told me the surgery for the condition was ‘academic’ and to avoid it. Out of desperation I tried all sorts of alternative treatments that also had no effect on my condition. By the time I found Dr. Stoxen I was pretty despondent with my condition. I had completely stopped exercising, and was doing a useless physical therapy routine.

After going through the lecture slides I bought Dr. Stoxen’s book. I quickly skimmed it and realized that it was far more substantial than anything else I had read and even more comprehensive than the lecture slides. I knew that I needed to talk to the author directly. I called Dr. Stoxen and he answered me from outside a bar in Edinburgh. We arranged to talk in detail after he got back to the United States. We ended up speaking for many hours and I decided that it made sense to get treated in Chicago. We arranged for three days of treatment that December to work on my TOS.

A week or so before I was going to head to Chicago my TOS spread from my right side to my left. This was an upsetting and debilitating turn of events. I got nervous that things were getting worse and that there wouldn’t be enough time in Chicago to treat everything so I extended the treatment period to five days. This ended up being a great decision because when I got to Chicago I learned that I didn’t just have shoulder issues but had some major systemic issues throughout my body.

Dr. Stoxen did a gait analysis when we met and found out that I had a host of unexpected problems with the biomechanics of my lower body. He also found issues in my jaw and forearm. Over the next five days he treated my TOS while explaining in great detail what the condition was, what needed to be done to fix it, how my other issues were contributing to it, and what I would have to do afterwards to prevent it from recurring. He also explained how my various daily habits contributed to the condition and how they needed to be changed. During the last two days he showed me a training program that would help me develop the necessary strength to prevent the condition from reappearing.

Five months later I returned to Dr. Stoxen after tweaking my neck during a training session. He treated me for two days and during that period did extensive work on my lower body as well as my abs. During this session, with a tweaked neck, the level of compression and pain during the treatment was only about 10% of what it was during the prior treatment. I had more pain in my lower body than my shoulder.

Dr. Stoxen is not only great at what he does but he is also unique in what he does. I have found no one in LA who performs a similar quality treatment. I went to Dr. Stoxen for TOS treatment and came back with not only a better treatment of that condition than I could have find anywhere else but also the awareness of and a plan to treat multiple other contributing issues that no one else had noticed. I still have issues I am working out but now know the precise behaviors I need to engage in to not only overcome the condition but get into better health than I was in before.

Jason Szeftel


Dr. Stoxen is by far the best, I haven’t met anyone yet that knows more when it comes to the chiropractic field. He has been seeing my family and I for well over 20 years. And although I am I AZ, I still don’t see anyone else until I get back home.

constance summers


Dr. Stoxen was treating my inflammation arm . And I don’t have words to describe how thankful I am to him being pain free again. Before I went to see him I went to different Drs and nodoby could solve my problem. Until I went to see him and he was like a guardian angel to me,taking all my pains away from my arm .He is been is his practice for over 30 years and he is very good at in his profession. He is also very sweet, friendly and funny. I highly recommend Dr Stoxen to anyone whom is in any kind of pain. I can guarantee that to you that he can bring you back to the old you and you won’t have to suffer anymore in any kind of pain that you had suffered before. Don’t think or waist any of your time. Call him right now and and make that appointment to be pain free again. Thank you again Dr. Stoxen for everything!

Emese Ercse


Doctor Stoxen has been my chiropractor since 2003. He helped keep my body ready throughout my professional boxing career and healed many of my nagging injuries.

Miguel Hernandez


Dr Stoxen knows his business…. Your Body! He fully understands how the human body was intended to function and has proven it over and over again. He may come off slightly brash, but I take that as him being direct instead of passive. Personally I appreciate it, because I know he cares and I’m tired of “doctors” who “guess” and leave me more confused than when I arrived. His staff is very kind and a great balance for the experience. If you want results, then Team Doctors is where you need to go.

Marquese Martin-Hayes


Been seeing Dr. Stoxen for over 20 yrs. One of the best. Simply outstanding!

david evansiii


Dr. James stoxen came into my life and 2004 in Chicago when I was on tour with the first national touring company of Hairspray the musical. He treated me and pretty much our entire cast and he got me going he got me moving he really is a miracle worker. He has become a dear friend to our family and has helped bring about much healing to my cousin who had a stroke and really helped her recover and she’s better than ever thanks to his healing touch. Very skilled very knowledgeable and a great guy and I miss him so much if I were in Chicago I’d be seeing him often! Keep the faith you are much loved ❤ ❣

Charlo Crossley


I have been seeing Dr. Stoxen for the last 10 years. He by far is one of the most knowledgeable physicians I have met. He is very thorough in explaining the science behind why things happen the way that they do. Every problem that I had was able to be fixed in a short period of time. I am appreciative for his contribution to the world and very happy to have him as a doctor. He is highly recommended!

Marcie Simmons


I had been suffering from left knee pain for almost 2 yrs…. being treated conventionally by an orthopedic surgeon, a sports medicine physician and a physical therapist with different therapies that included prednisone, ibuprophen, a depo injection and physical therapy. None offered significant, long term relief and none could explain where the pain was coming from since x-rays did not reveal anything more than mild arthritis. I started aggressively treating with Dr. Stoxen in January of this year and the relief I feel is astonishing! He is extremely knowledgeable and very thorough, not only in the time he has put into my therapy but in the explanation he has given me for my condition. I no longer have to stand and pause before I take those first few excruciating steps every time I step away from my desk, table or get out of bed. I am very grateful to him for his knowledge and service and I highly recommend him!

Oralia Troxel


Doctors did nothing for my headaches for almost a year and I so bad you couldnt take it anymore. I had trouble with insurance companies and they told me not to see a chiro. Dr. Stoxen got rid of my severe headaches in less than two weeks and they have not come back since.

If you’re an athlete you need to take time to go meet with Dr. Stoxen. He will make you perform on a much higher level than you’re ever used to. Don’t wait until you’re injured and in desperate need. Prevent the injury by seeing Dr. Stoxen.

Shaun Tallon


I have been meaning to do this review for 5 years now.

My son had weak ankles that were so bad he would have excruciating pain when running a few blocks.  Three different ankle specialists told us he needed ankle fusion surgery which involves drilling screws into my sons ankles to stabilize them.  When husband found Dr Stoxens articles on how he approaches the examination and treatment of the body as a spring system it made sense from with my engineers logic.

We lived over an hour away so it wasn’t easy to make that trip but when he explained his non surgical approach to over pronation and the fact that this 50 year old doctor runs barefoot in races around the world on solid concrete without pain we knew he had to know something the other doctors did not.

When my son walked into the office he broke down into tears.  My husband was upset yet Dr Stoxens said this was predictable and not to worry. He explained to us that my sons body was soaking in inflammation and that when inflammation gets this high it interferes with the production of serotonin.  He explained this complex neurophysiology on a piece of paper so simply that even my son could understand it. When my husband asked for more information about this, he handed him a book written by this famous entertainer, Anthony Field of ‪the Wiggles‬ and says “read this and it will explain everything.

You walk into his private office and there are certificates stacked three to four 1on top of each other on a wall 15 feet wide and 10 -12 feet high from prestigious institutions such as the Royal College of Physicians, institutions from over 20 nations and even an honorary degrees given to him by members of the royal family for his distinguished research in the field of medicine.

This man worked on every muscle of my sons body with his hands for 2-3 hours a day for two weeks.  He worked so hard to help my son.  I asked him if my insurance would cover all this and he said “Don’t worry about it.”   The insurance did not cover the extra 1-2 hours.  Dr Stoxen also recommended a special size show because my son and daughters heels are very narrow so normal shoes dont support their feet.

In those two weeks work he saved my son from the ankle surgery recommended by all three of the specialists.

My son also struggled with motor tics ( like Tourettes) I used to cry when I saw my son twitching and jerking his neck because doctors offered no hope for a remedy.  This treatment eliminated my son’s tics which causing him a lot of embarrassment at school and limiting his academic and personal growth. Not only that but Dr Stoxen worked one on one teaching him proper form and technique of weight training and drills to build his body and self esteem in the Team Doctors training center.  I could see his confidence improve which helped him excel in athletics and academics.

When my son was in weight training module the coach came up to him and asked him “Who taught you how to lift weights?  My son said, “My doctor”  Your doctor?”  Yes Dr Stoxen.  “Oh that explains everything”, he said.

When you first walk in to his office and see the hundreds of pictures of famous athletes and entertainers and wonder how did he attract all these famous people from all over the world to 64th and Pulaski?  You will “get it” when you realize he just worked on your son with his bare hands doing exhausting deep tissue for 3 hours straight is why not only the rich and famous seek him out but why you should seek him out as well.

We travel 1.5 hours one way from the suburbs to the city just for his treatments.  I take the children there on Saturday and we are there for 3 hours in treatment and training and my kids never ever complain. He plays their favorite music offers them healthy protein bars, motivates them and gives them hugs and high fives.

If you feel like you have been living in pain for long and no one has helped you and are thinking of surgery, or living with it… this doctor will look at you straight in the face and say, “Don’t worry I will knock it out for you fast” and he will too.

Deepa Sanjay


Doctor Stoxen has always been a secret until now of my success in recovery from training and fighting and winning. He is an amazing wizard of muscular and skeletal realignment! If you are ever in need to recover from surgery or athletic competition go to Doctor James Stoxen.

Shonie Carter


Doctor James Stoxen is my hero! I was lucky to find such a professional because for the last 10 years I was suffering with my neck as my job wants me to side behind the desk for 10 hours a day. This chronic pain was killing me every single day until now! Doctor Stoxen wrote an amazing book with explanation, tips and treatment to thoracic outlet syndrome! After just 3 sessions with dr. Stoxen I feel alive!
By the way I also have purchased an amazing massager that he created to have a professional treatment at home!
Thank you so much doc! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

Stanislav UaPost


I wanted to give a special thank you to Dr. James Stoxen for taking the time to see and treat my sister. After 4 doctors and 2 specialists no one was able to help her and she was in excruciating pain. 1 visit with Doctor Stoxen and she has significant less pain. He is the best in the country and has not only helped my sister, he sponsored me when I was an amateur boxer helping me build up my strength to in conjunction with my gym training become a national champion. He is not only our chiropractor he is like family. Thank you again Doctor!

Natty The Bratty


Dr. Stoxen is extremely in tune with the pain issues I was having and addressed them immediately. I am a touring musician and I make a point to get a tune-up every time I come through town!

Michael Leasure


Dr. Stoxen is one of the best chiropractors around. Unlike other doctors I have visited, he takes time with his patients and explains any issues you are having in a very thorough and fluent manner. His approach to treatment and recovery is not like any other. I strongly recommend him!

Kaylin Dean

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