Chronic Fatigue

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Video Tutorial #14 My 8 Secrets To Improving Walking and Running Efficiency through Maximizing Human Spring

EXCERPT:  There are many causes of fatigue symptoms and reduced walking and running efficiency…

During walking and running we burn most of our energy from muscle fatigue.

So, if inefficiency in walking and running is an important cause of fatigue, then a logical first step to diagnosis fatigue would be to evaluate the reason why we could be burning too much energy so that we could arrive at a more precise fatigue diagnosis.

When you go to the doctor complaining that you are always tired with muscle pain, fatigue and body aches, most doctors just do blood tests as the only fatigue test. When they come out negative, they wonder why they cannot find the cause of your fatigue and exhaustion.

Video Tutorial #28 Self-Tests & Exercises To Reduce Over Pronation and Over Supination From Impacts During Walking and Running

EXCERPT:   If there is an overall breakdown of the entire mechanism this could manifest into:

  • chronic pain syndrome – (inability to spring back from impacts)
  • chronic fatigue syndrome (inability to recycle energy through the spring)
  • misdiagnosed fibromyalgia (doctors did not understand the true cause of your suffering)
  • diseases of aging related to chronic inflammation
  • depression related to chronic inflammation

Video Tutorial #12 Is Running Bad For Your Knees? How Does The Body Spring Back Safely From Impacts Of Running and Walking?

EXERPT:  Could you see how a weakness, stiffening and or locking of the human spring mechanism could cause widespread chronic pain, chronic fatigue, misdiagnosed fibromyalgia and inflammatory diseases of aging? 

The Human Spring, A Logical Way to Look At the Way The Body Works?

EXCERPT:  Plastic deformity:

This occurs when your spring deforms its physical shape. It loads and stores energy into the deformation process, but does not return back to its exact original shape.

That means its shape is permanently deformed and the structure of the spring is not functioning the way it was designed. Therefore, it cannot store as much force on the loading or impact, and it cannot recycle as much energy.

This turns into a permanent deformity, which can also be a herniated disc, arthritis, a bunion, or some kind of abnormal shape of the foot. This keeps the body from functioning to absorb the impact like it did before and prevents it from recycling the energy through the spring mechanism as well as it should. This is an explanation for chronic pain and chronic fatigue and the overall loss of human performance as we age.

Why Do I Run Barefoot…

EXCERPT: The human spring model could provide a rational for why so many have chronic fatigue.  If it is true that we are a giant spring then we know springs recycle energy when the impact force is loaded.  The spring deforms its shape, stores energy then reforms back to its exact original shape releasing the energy.  That storing and releasing recycling of energy with every step happens with some allowing them to have energy and with those who have a stiff, weak or locked spring they don’t recycle energy.

Video Tutorial #9 The Human Spring Approach In It’s Relationship To Hooke’s Law Of Physics
EXCERPT: Determining the exact amount of external forces your body is capable of loading into the human spring determines your elastic limit. The elastic limit is the maximum capacity of tissue strength in the elastic elements in the spring suspension system that can safely spring you off the ground without causing damaging stress in your body.

This has to be evaluated instantaneously with one jump and also evaluated during multiple impacts incorporating the tissue fatigue factor, Muscle Or Joint Pain, Or Acute Injury.

Video Tutorial #8 Important Functions Of The Human Spring Mechanism To Recycle Energy From Impacts Enhancing The Efficiency Of Movement 


Weakness or locking of the spring can lead to:

  • fatigue
  • increased risk for acute injury
  • an inability to heal
  • an accelerated aging of the body’s systems. 

The human spring stores mechanical potential energy therefore it is an energy recycling mechanism.

Many of your patients who have chronic fatigue don’t have the energy to do as much. They don’t feel like exercising and they wake up tired and remain tired all day. They might think the answer is to drink a lot of coffee and they go to bed tired yet can’t get a lot of sleep at night because of insomnia or restless leg syndrome.

Why wouldn’t you evaluate the most common reason for fatigue or how the body ambulates? What other more common reason is there for why the body gets tired so quickly?

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