Leg, Knee And Hip Conditions

These are the lectures at medical conferences, articles and video tutorials Dr Stoxen has done to help you learn about his approach to examining, treating and preventing foot and ankle conditions.

Leg Conditions

Shin Splints

Dr Stoxen’s Articles on Shin Splints

Article/Video – Shin Splints – Self Help Tips, Treatment and Prevention
Article/Video – The Deep Tissue Treatment For Shin Splints


Knee Conditions

Dr Stoxen’s Articles on Knee – Pain

Article/Video – Self-Help, Deep Tissue Treatment Of The Knee Popliteus Muscle

Chondromalacia (Cracking Knee)

Article/Video – Cracking Achy Knee Pain or Chondromalacia Patella – Treatment and Prevention Tips

Runners Knee

Article/Video – Runners Knee – Tips to Examining and Self-Help Treatments


Hip Conditions

Hip – Pain

Article/Video – Self-Help, Deep Tissue Treatment Of The Gluteus Medius Muscle of the Hip

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