Chronic Pain

These are the lectures at medical conferences, articles and video tutorials Dr Stoxen has done to help you learn about his approach to examining, treating and preventing foot and ankle conditions.

Anthony Field, the creator and a founding member of the world’s most successful musical groups for young children, The Wiggles, was handicapped by chronic arthritis pain, chronic fatigue, misdiagnosed fibromyalgia and depression during his 20 years on the road. Dr Stoxen is proud to say, he was able to assist him.

In 2012, Anthony Field wrote a book about how Dr Stoxen ended his chronic arthritis pain and turned his health around which he claimed saved his career and saved his life, titled How I Got My Wiggle Back. It covers our consultation in detail and provides a comprehensive, plain-English explanation of Dr Stoxen’s unique, drug free approach, and the results, that changed his life.

Here is the story of his remarkable recovery.

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